At Shake a Paw Greetings, we love dogs. We love the little ones, the big ones, the bouncy ones and the drooly ones. We love the grunts and the snores and the slobbery kisses. We love how even the smallest dog takes over the whole bed and that they have to know where we are at all times (even when we head to the bathroom.) Life is good and it’s all thanks to dog love.

You know exactly what we’re talking about. Every time you walk your dog, you meet people who are just as nuts about their dogs as you are. When you send a A Shake A Paw Greeting, the crunchy, munchy personalized message tells a wonderful dog and their companion just how special they are. Your doggie friend may not be tall enough to reach the mailbox, but their nose will know that a package has arrived just for them. Product Reviews & Articles. Please click the links below to learn what makes our biscuits special and to see our selection of greetings.